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Sunday, November 25

  • It is finaly the team  TCM-Gaming who is the big winner of the second edition of this Adroits tournament!

Friday, November 23

  • The 1/8 finals and quarter-finals are completed. 4 teams are still in the race : TCM-Gaming, h3h3h4h4h0h0, orKs, et AVENUE ESPORT. The semi-finals and the grand final will be played Sunday, November 25

Wednesday, November 21

  • Groups E to H played. You can see the final bracket on page 3.

Tuesday, November 20

  • Groups A to D were played this Sunday. E to H will be play tonight. Results on page 2.

After a good first edition, Adroits's admins just announced that they will make a second edition!

Adroits Open Shootmania #2

Exept ESL, regular online tournaments on Shootmania : Storm are infrequent. And it is with great pleasure that today we talk about the second Adroits Open edition, that just been announced. At the first edition, this is the swedish se Aesir that won against fr ADK.

his tournament will take place from 18 to 25 November and will host 32 teams. registering are open untill 16 November, then the different divisions will be announced at 17 November.

Some informations

  • Registrations opening : 10 November
  • End of registrations : 17 November
  • First Groupstages : 18 November

How it take place :

  • 18 November @ 19:00 GMT : Groups A to D games
  • 20 November @ 19:00 GMT : Groups E to H games
  • 22 November @ 19:00 GMT : 1/8 Finals, 1/4 finals
  • 25 November @ 19:00 GMT : Semi-finals, 3rd place final and Grand Final


gold 3 Tt eSports Theron Gaming Mouse
silver 3 Tt eSports SHOCK Gaming Headset
bronze 3 Tt eSports Ladon Gaming Mousepad

This tournament is endorced by Tt eSports.

For more informations about this tournament, you can go to the Binary Beast page.

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