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1st - Chucklr - Pulse ~ The Beginning

Chuck's video wants to be different and succeeds in a good way. Well done production!

2nd - Andriv - Awsomniac on ESL Canyon Premiership #1

Andriv, placeholder of many TOP 10's so far, again with a very solid and neat video, this time again, showing off skills from his Team Awsomniac!

3rd - Nasgreil - 4h Endurance Solo Dirt Teaser

Nasgreil improves his skills by every video he does and so he lands on position 3 now! Congratulations!

4th - krow - Team HOT on TmT 2013

Krow is well known for his sarcastic skill videos and old skool editing. Now he comes back with this gem, presenting the runs of his team HOT on TmT 2013.

5th - s5yn3t - Killer on Fuze

Not even technical difficulties can keep s5yn3t from doing movies! Enjoy this pretty little clip!

6th - Riolu - Lik3D Passi on ECP Maps

Riolu's typical editing finds approvement by the masses! Neat!

7th - Cyril - 3DMax Piranha ~ Awakening of a Legend


Cyril with a skillmovie about the fullspeed player Piranha from 3DMax! That speed!

8th - Edster - UF1R Mosport Park (F1 Styled Commentary)

Edster managed to create a very long video with a lot of good-hearted work to remake a real race with commentary on TM² Stadium!

9th - shortz - eXon on Fire

Another skillmovie by shortz! Smooth editing as usual!

10th - Chucklr - Sochalion on Hakim Tracks

Funny video by Chuck again, taking the double-win in the TOP10!


MORE videos!

Scareface - Riolu on Val Desire
Shortz - Sky ~ Endround
Shortz - 420 Noscope FaZe #reKt
Oreca - Beautiful Nature
Duby - vsp.duby on shorts
StyX - e.suba Kappa vs. e.suba Hakkijunior
k&k pictures - DnA ~ The Fun in speed
shortz - bx3 Skin presentation
TMStringers - Basbaas ~ Speed
DaimosVision - Team 7 Promo
assurbanipaltm - Crosscountry Stagea
chevi - TiB d²C XMAS Cup Winner
TMStringers - The best car of the year ~ Lamborghini Veneno

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#1 by haV on 2014-02-12 at 14:48
WOW, killaprodtm - The Real Shootmania makes me want to play shootmaina all day! great job!
#2 by OrecaShadow on 2014-02-12 at 16:08
The Real Shootmania is obviously the BEST Shootmania movie ever made
#3 by KKemzura on 2014-02-12 at 17:03
Not being a c*** or anything but... where the heck is the link to my video? :(
#4 by killaprodtm on 2014-02-12 at 18:25
@KKemzura; sorry for that,fixed ofc =)
#5 by KKemzura on 2014-02-12 at 18:30
Ty ^^
#6 by Edster on 2014-02-12 at 19:40
Wow, thanks for the top 10 guys; the track (Mosport Park) is a real life one, but the race itself was not staged; we do them every couple of weeks. Anyway was not expecting to be on this list at all...Nice surprise.
#7 by Andriv on 2014-02-12 at 21:25

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