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Hey people of the Maniaplanet!

This time we would like to start off with a showcase of SiH's video, which contains fractions of some of the best TM Movies ever made! This should give you the most important overview about the last 10 years of TM-Moviemaking. Props to SiH.

The time has come to give you the next edition of the one and only Best Videos of the Month!
Be sure to leave us a comment with feedback or your submission for next month!

What a month again! We had a lot submissions for the 10th Anniversary contest from Nadeo, but we didn't take them in. We will feature them in another newspost! 

The voting was really effective this time! Thank you for the overwhelming amount of votes! But the voters are still not the limit we hope! Especially the SM Voting was more popular than the TM vote!

Also check out the previous edition of the Best Videos of the Month!

In case you want to know how to submit your video / how your video has a chance to get here:

  • Post your link either to this page or the mediaplanet Facebook page.
  • Trailers for upcoming videos will not be taken here
  • If we don't give you a response, don't worry, we will see it!

How does the Voting work?

  • Community makes 5 Votes max. (SM 3 Votes) - Every vote = 1 Point
  • Judges make 10 Votes in order - 1st Video 10 points, 2nd Video 9 points...10th video 1 point.
  • Community results are counted twice. 
  • The more community votes, the more power they have in the end results.


Judges: The community, Cuba, Purification, Riolu, Shortz, Killaprodtm

Graphs (click for higher resolution):

Trackmania Videos

Shootmania Videos


We hope you enjoy(ed) our Best Videos of the Month!
Alot of work went into this one. I would like to thank all judges and mediaplanet members, aswell as the community as a whole for everything!

Have a nice day!
killaprodtm and the mediaplanet team


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#1 by wormi on 2013-12-07 at 13:30
Such zhortz
#2 by dreammyw0w on 2013-12-08 at 12:41
nice selection^^
#3 by Flexsor on 2014-01-02 at 01:55
yeah, good stuffs here

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