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Hey fellow community!

It's time to present you the Best Videos of October!! Sorry for the huge delay, but it wasn't possible for us because we were still in exp. phase of this little voting thingy.

This is the first Best videos of X series which includes votings from everyone in the community! And because we were happy with the results of how well it worked out, we decided to keep it that way - Only monthly videocollections! Also votings!

So if you are a videomaker, make sure to share the link of the vote page (which we will set up a few days before the month ends) to your followers!

In case you want to know how to submit your video / how your video has a chance to get here:

  • Post your link either to this page or the mediaplanet Facebook page.
  • Trailers for upcoming videos will not be taken here
  • If we don't give you a response, don't worry, we will see it!

How does the Voting work?

  • Community makes 5 Votes max. - Every vote = 1 Point
  • Judges make 10 Votes in order - 1st Video 10 points, 2nd Video 9 points...10th video 1 point.
  • Community results are counted twice. 
  • The more community votes, the more power they have in the end results.


Judges: The Community, BasBaas, Cuba, Darkpuddle, killaprodtm, Riolu, Shortz

Results (Graph here):


1st Snaky - Ballz of Steel [Community Winner]

Wow! What an intense movie! Most of us liked it because of it's cleanness and variety. Almost all French people agree with this 1st place! Well deserved! TM-Tube Link

2nd killaprodtm - Chuckie ~ Viking Power

Great skillmovie! Killaprod's usual heavy editing style combined with Chuckie's Norwegian driving powah.

3rd Darkpuddle - 10 Years of TM ~ The Journey

For the 10 Years of Trackmania annual, Darkpuddle made a very neat clip having a look at the new and old Trackmania!

4th Shortz - FrechY ~ A tribute to Pascow

Shortz, famous for his smooth and solid edits, once again with a skillmovie!

5th Sky - Opale Arena (Unfinished)

Sky wasn't able to finish the movie because of a HDD crash (or else). But he managed to get a part of it back! Here it is! We think it was worth to get them back!

6th killaprodtm - PF ~ Adrenaline (Insane Edit)

A lot of camerawork on an amazing canyon PF map. Like to go fast?

7th Meuh - 10 years in Moviemaker's Eyes

Beautiful compliation of the past 10 years and it's awesome player creations! Must Watch!

8th boOm - Addi ~ Bring it Back

Who likes Stadium Edits? This one is pretty cool and fresh! Approved!

9th ChuckLr - NDC Cup Trailer

NDC cup on the way and this awesome video announces it all!

10th - Vinationeu - Wally ~ History through Mapping

Know Wally? Awesome mapper, cool video! 


All the other Videos:

Worldtrialclub - Trialmaster Map #9
Darkpuddle - Custom 3D Objects
Eyebo - Sun is Shining
Eyebo - Fostercare by Basbaas
SpiritFilms - WR on GehKochAction
Ace - esu on TmT Records
BasBaas - Trio Map Teaser
Flexsor - Tamarillo ~ Insane Runs
Lars - Rupture ~ Valley
Shortz - Osy ~ Pursuit to the Top
CarlCJ - MAD
CarlCJ - Dirty Championship
CarlCJ - DST Cup²



Wow what a month! It was kinda hard to decide for each one which video should be on the first place. But in the end, little differences made the twist. 

We hope you like this Edition of the BVOTM! If yes or not, any kinds of feedback are welcome! Questions and links of your November videos in the comments please! 

Have a nice day, and see you next month! Too long? Like us on Facebook!
Your Mediaplanet Team!

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#1 by Minato on 2013-11-14 at 21:21
Nice Top10, but still mad at Meuh for not considering SS3. >:(
#2 by serujio on 2013-11-14 at 21:53
really nice selection ;)
#3 by dreammyw0w on 2013-11-15 at 11:39
nice clips! And the #1vid really deserved to win. I really liked it.

I'd love to see some more Shootmania tho :(

#4 by frostBeule on 2013-11-15 at 17:13 Modified 2013-11-15 at 17:14
#3 Hmm, I think it's better to keep ShootMania videos separate in a different news-post in that case. It's a completely different game after all.

Anyway, very nice stuff once again. Keeping it monthly seems to be a good idea.

#5 by killaprodtm on 2013-11-15 at 17:50
#4 We are about to take them in too , like a TOP 5 of our personal choices each month. The shootmania video area is not big enough to have it's own bracket. Also, putting shootmania videos here would be nonsense, since the editors are different ones, then there would be kind of a competition between games, and that is what we're trying to avoid.

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