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Hello ManiaActu !

My name is Ivan Žitko (sorrowcroatia in-game) and I want to promote my tournament because I think it is ultra cool wink
This tournament can play only those players who have TMUF because this tournament uses TMUF elements (united environments). Tournament is playing only with stadium car on other environments (no tmunlimiter !) and it is tech tournament. I organizes this kind of tournament before (http://emt2013.webs.com/) and it was successful. This time I am making tournament with 3 events ! 2 main events are 1v1 tournament and 2v2 tournament and additional event is envimix+tmunlimiter cup.

  • 1v1 - unlimited slots, Team mode, points limit = 7, top 3 players = copper prizes
  • 2v2 - 8 teams max., Team mode, points limit = 7, top 3 teams = copper prizes
  • envimix+tmunlimiter cup - 3 days, <10 tracks, best server rank = copper prize

The tournament should be held on 2 servers, 1 from Ping Kings and 1 from iGn-eSports. Detailed schedule can be found on tournament's website which can be found on the end of this post.


I think that's all I wanted to tell you. If I accidentaly skipped some part, it can be surely found on tournament's website.

Here is the tournament's trailer made by Swift !

Envimix Tournament 2013 xmas edition trailer

Feel free to contact me if you have something to say wink

I hope you will participate in this tournament and have a lots of fun !

Best Regards,


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#1 by wormi on 2013-10-22 at 16:48
Gogo my maps so it must be a great tournament xD
#2 by sorrowcroatia on 2013-10-24 at 01:22
Ye :D ofc it is great tournament ;) btw, you can put your tracks to TMX if u want :) TOURNAMENT NEWS : 2v2 event reached its limit (8 teams), 15 players currently registered for 1v1 event, envimix+tmunlimiter cup is free for all ;)

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