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Ivan "sorrowcroatia" Žitko
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> Personnal Information
Username sorrowcroatia
Lastname Žitko
Firstname Ivan
Nationality Croatia
Age 28 years old
Registered since 2013-02-07

> Contact Information
Skype ivan.zitko.xd

> Hardware Configuration
Motherboard Intel Eaglelake
Processor AMD FX(tm)-8300 Eight-Core Processor
Memory 8148 MB
Videocard AMD Radeon R9 200 Series
Hard Drive WDC WD20 EZRX-22D8PB0 SATA Disk Device
Case Zalman R1 White
Keyboard Roccat Isku
Mouse Logitech MX518
GamePad Speedlink Torid
Headset acme HA07
Monitor 2D FHD LG TV
Connection DSL
Operating system Windows 7 Ultimate

> Favourites
Game TrackMania United Forever
Game Controller no.
Map lots of
Player Smoeshie
Movie Harry Potter 8.2
TV/Serie How I Met Your Mother
Book no.
Drink Water without water
Food Pizza
Music Rock/Heavy Metal
Artist Metallica
Car Fiat 126
Sport Football (soccer)

> Statistics
Number of Articles 1
Articles Comments 2
Photos Comments 0
Movies Comments 0
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> Shows
Envimix tournament 2013

> Description