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Nom DonathanTV
Site Internet http://www.twitch.tv/DonathanTV
Stream et VODs Streams et VOD à propos de cette émission
Description Tim 'Donathan' Krause started casting in 2009 with WarCraft III and also commentated Quake Live later on, both in German. He began to cast ShootMania around July 2012 and he switched from German to English commentary since the ESWC Grand Finals in 2012. On his livestream you can follow multiple (weekly) tournaments such as ZOTAC Cup, Go4ShootMania Cup, Krazy Kup Combo and more. From time to time he also plays himself while streaming. Social Medias: https://www.facebook.com/DonathanTV https://www.twitter.com/DonathanTV https://www.youtube.com/DonathanTV
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