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#1 par thoveN sur 24/01/2013 à 18:14
Speed Breakers with 7 draws this season? Challenge accepted!
#2 par Blizz sur 24/01/2013 à 19:09
just to let you know wotre, we have done huge mistakes with our lineups so far, that's why we failed so hard.
with other lineups we would have won our matches..
but i guess that's easy to say afterwards^^
#3 par Wotre sur 24/01/2013 à 19:17
Ye, ofcourse there are a lot of things I don't know, many teams probably have an explanation for many results. I simply try to summarise things the way I see it, wont always be 100% correct ^^
#4 par Blizz sur 24/01/2013 à 19:24
sure, just saying :D
anyway nice article and rta is still international :P
#5 par Wotre sur 24/01/2013 à 19:48
Ah, sorry, just copied that from preview ^^ frostBeule will edit that I hope ;)
#6 par HM1991 sur 25/01/2013 à 12:06
maybe six draws and one loss against dac. challenge accepted? :>

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