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#1 par znik sur 05/11/2012 à 15:08

Nice interview and very cool features! But Im also very curious about the changes being made to TM2: Stadium. On their webpage they mentioned something similar for TM2: Stadium;

"A global game thanks competitions made by players like you, for players like you. You can jump in at any time. A new official ranking for competitive gaming and ingame recognition for teams. Competitive gaming is now for everyone, everywhere."

Would be lovely to get an inteview of what Nadeo team is having in mind about the changes in TM2: Stadium!

#2 par infarctus sur 05/11/2012 à 15:13

he said that all he spoke about in this interview was for all the maniaplanet games.

#3 par znik sur 05/11/2012 à 15:20

Ok my bad, thought this was talk about Shootmania only. Then this is even greater =)

#4 par Hylis sur 08/11/2012 à 10:29

really good transcript Infarctus.

And yes, the tools are made for all titles as much as possible.

But we have work to do and I will go back to it.

#5 par frostBeule sur 08/11/2012 à 13:02

+1 HaNno

on that particular subject, another thing that i think would greatly improve the spectator mode would be the possibility to be able to spectate the players with the normal camera 2, instead of the one that we got right now that is circulating around the car.

#6 par Weeeeee sur 08/11/2012 à 14:44

Isn't that already possible with ctrl+2?

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