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#21 par znik sur 03/11/2012 à 21:18

No other e-sport game is having bugs as rapid as in TrackMania Nations Forever, at least that can make such a big impact on the result. So it's quite safe to say the game wouldn't loose any popularity or interest in competition or e-sport context by removing the worst of it.

In my opinion, the less random outcome created by the game engine, the better suited for competition and high level performance.

Sure, the game might be slightly easier to master and loose some of the challenge by avoiding bugs, but It's not this fact that generates hard/exciting competition. This is generated by the players pushing the limits of the game. The more players that push, the harder it will feel to compete and the closer competition it will be.

I for one would feel more comfortable racing with the bugs removed, but I guess its all up to accepting the fact that they are here. The ramstein also plays an important role for avoiding noslides when crossing it, which should of course not be changed.

#22 par Zooz sur 04/11/2012 à 00:09

From what they said it will be a direct copy-paste, with identical blocks and gameplay and no additions. Since the engine is different PF tracks will be broken, though.

#23 par infarctus sur 04/11/2012 à 11:30

hey zooz sup?? xD

#24 par HM1991 sur 04/11/2012 à 13:48

great news...maybe it gets a boost again for nations, and then i will return :>
and hopefully some good old players, too :)

#25 par Zooz sur 04/11/2012 à 14:29

why did you make me register just to troll here, it used to be so easy :(

#26 par Pavel sur 05/11/2012 à 20:48

The true question is "What is the reel objectif?"

A good game without bug, stay trackmania in biggest lan, update the graphick motor etc.. or just make money?

I'm fear but i hope.

#27 par vPix sur 19/11/2012 à 22:12
I hope we will have the possibility to buy a full version of tm2 stadium only, with a decent server manager... Actually I hope so much about this, nadeo shouldn't release the game before everything is perfect. With the popularity of tmnf, nadeo definitely has its best card to play.
#28 par nevermind sur 19/02/2013 à 12:42
Indeed and they should really take their time to make something even better than tmnf is at the moment. I totally agree with znik's opinion above, removing bugs will take the gaming in stadium environment to a next level, where you can drive as fast you possible can, without the fear that your run will be ruined by the game itself, which is actually the most frustrating issue of tmnf now. The so called "rammstein bug" is discussing, those changes of the angle of bank road is necessary i think, and it isn't a frustrating bug to go over, also being pretty controllable.
Also fixing the bugs issue, will open a larger area of turn combination choices for builders. Most of the builders can't use certain combinations of turns because it's a very high chance that u get a bug there.
I didn't play too much TM2 Canyon, but as much as I did I didn't encounter any weird bugs, or edges that throw u off the map, which was pretty pleasant and means that Ubisoft and Nadeo made a nice job there.

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