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#1 par infarctus sur 02/11/2012 à 15:30

OMG looks nice! I really hope to see some oldschoolers coming back from tmf with this title!! Thx again NADEO

#2 par fcna441 sur 02/11/2012 à 15:42

Wah ! Very nice news ! 3 years and here it is coming :D
Can't wait 2013 !

#3 par wormi sur 02/11/2012 à 17:10

Looks cool, hopefully it doesn't have any stupid drifting. The video is promising.

#4 par Durty sur 02/11/2012 à 18:45

#1 Sure, they will be back on road !

It really look like rally, it was my favorite TMU enviro, perfect !

#5 par Jer27 sur 02/11/2012 à 20:49

Saw it in person, it was really big news, glad I was there. Valley looks really interesting, albeit very different from the older trailers (which made a really good impression on me at the time). I liked how dense it was, it felt really full of eye-candy elements. Except I preferred the older car models but that's a matter of taste :P.

I loved the way the gameplay of Valley was being described years ago: building up speed, heavy cars, irrelevant wall hitting. It looks different now but I can only hope the original concept is still behind the curtain.

Anyway, ty Nadeo guys, I liked the long awaited announcement, as well as the nice step you took towards Stadium guys. Also seeing Hylis cannot play either SM or TM is funny.

#6 par Majo sur 04/11/2012 à 17:53

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