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#1 par Kryw sur 13/10/2012 à 21:33

why Castle ? go Collided, castle sucks totally now

#2 par infarctus sur 14/10/2012 à 10:22

on the rules it is said" if you have a map selected, u just have to stfu" xD

#3 par cLMAHP sur 14/10/2012 à 17:07

So, stfu krywmaduredestomac

#4 par Sephis sur 18/10/2012 à 23:32

Surprised to see that you've managed to make Crossfire even more annoying to play.

About ChooseYourWay, is it a joke? Have you even tried the map out before choosing it?

#5 par Xp3 sur 19/10/2012 à 07:13

What i don t understand is there is so many maps out there why would you guys force 5 maps only.At least 8-10 maps should be in the map pool and then teams should have the right to veto some of them just to make it less random and more enjoyable for everybody.

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