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#1 par oNio sur 07/10/2012 à 20:06

I'm glad for you Frost, and I think it's time to say WP in 2008, you deserved it!

Happy Nolifing for 2012 anyway, cya in Paris guys ;)

#2 par infarctus sur 07/10/2012 à 21:04

gg frost xD and yeah go nolife other!! OMG 5.000 for the tm² winner oO that's just amazing

#3 par frostBeule sur 07/10/2012 à 22:37

im not popping the champagne yet. right now it's just empty words that doesn't mean much to me. but of course im hoping for the best, so i can finally move on.

#4 par JWH sur 07/10/2012 à 22:40

Even though this is probably the most hopeful news regarding the 2008 pricemoney, it is far from definitive. Saying this can either mean 2 things.

1. ESWC will plan out their next event and in the end make up the balance and see that they can spare some euros for the unpaid prices.

2. ESWC will actively try and get more money from their partners for the 2013 edition for the sole purpose to reserve it for the unpaid prices.

However most partners would like to know WHERE their money will go to and I don't think any partners would like to see it go to unpaid dues from 2008.

Even though I am hoping the best to happen and everyone will get what they deserve. Atleast this is the most hopeful thing regarding this so far.

#5 par ArtiShöw sur 07/10/2012 à 23:24

Wow, 2008 unpaid prizes should be more than 100k $ probably, I don't think Oxent is that rich to pay all of this in one year. I dunno what kind of event it will be in 2013 but maybe there will be very small prizes for future winners or they are hoping on better advertisment to pay them. I wouldn't be surprised to see them postponing year after year what they promised.

Anyway frost you should ask them interest. 15,000$ for 5years it can be very interesting compensation :P

#6 par Aken sur 08/10/2012 à 02:27

I think that Oxent found the place to organise ESWC each years: Paris Games Week.

I think that the edition in Los Angeles has cost much more than expected and the Paris Games Week seems to be the cheapest place. Imo that's why they are now able to pay ESWC 2008 champions.

#7 par infarctus sur 08/10/2012 à 11:02

or maybe it is because FB is far from bein alone in his fight, and the credibility of this event had to be rebuilt...At the begining, to be honest, i thaught you were ridiculous FB, but this was your fight, and now, i can feel that you may have been right. The fact that you have been unbending on your fight ( and quite alone ) is most than respectable.
Anyway, this event is a good news for all of us, so yes, fb, time to open champagne...
And i can tell you that frogs leggs are a really good dish to go with it ;)

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