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#1 par ludo77130 sur 20/09/2012 à 19:25

Damn ... nice dude nice player, friendly and cool guy
R.I.P man :(

#2 par giligoop sur 20/09/2012 à 19:29

All tm players can say their last words @ our TmT page + change your nickname: more info on the website newspost
rip Fuskern

#3 par Bergie sur 20/09/2012 à 19:33

RIP, you will always be remembered.

#4 par wells sur 20/09/2012 à 19:59

Terrible news...
I had the opportunity to talk with him a couple times, he was always friendly and funny.
Good luck to his friends and family. RIP Fuskern.

#5 par wormi sur 20/09/2012 à 20:08

RIP Captain Norway

#6 par Clemouf sur 20/09/2012 à 21:12

omg.. can't believe it :( RIP Fuskern !

#7 par SiH sur 20/09/2012 à 23:16

This is very sad :(
Rest in peace and condolences to friends and family

#8 par thoveN sur 21/09/2012 à 13:28


#9 par znik sur 21/09/2012 à 17:09

Notrub wanted to make a simple memory video for Fuskern, so if you want to show your support you can send replays from these four maps made ​​by Fuskern; # auto # auto # auto # auto

Replays can be sent to or by adding Wethal-gutten on skype! Feel free to leave a short sentence about Fuskern, so we can throw in some player quotes between the maps.

The deadline for submission of replay / quote is set to 30. September

#10 par znik sur 21/09/2012 à 17:15

Also include your nickname and country as we want to use the national car.

#11 par znik sur 21/09/2012 à 22:43

Sry his skype is wetha-gutten

#12 par Kryw sur 21/09/2012 à 22:45

my teamate !!! O.O !!!

#13 par Milu sur 22/09/2012 à 13:17

R.I.P Fuskern :(

#14 par Gaétan sur 23/09/2012 à 09:56

Sad news, rip...

#15 par tOub sur 23/09/2012 à 22:58

R i p !

#16 par Korre sur 02/10/2012 à 22:51

Great guy, always friendly, always in for a laugh. Too bad that ppl like this get taken away from us at such a young age...

May you rest in peace Fusk!

#17 par Rushonal sur 09/10/2012 à 20:23

Oh man, didn't see it until now.. very sad. He had a very positive personality, liked to talk with him.
..) r.i.p.

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