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#1 par Hylis sur 27/08/2012 à 11:11

"Everything about gameplay has been more or less settle since the Alpha and shouldn’t be change now, we are satisfied about the behaviour and the physic of the character, points which the development studio has worked for years. It’s always possible that there is some retouches but there will not have a big revamp of the gameplay until the release."

It is wrong.

As he said, he is the community manager of Nadeo Live. Alinoa and I are closer to the making of the game, on another site.

I prefer to let people say what they think instead of closing the door. I feel it better, but be warned that we can have different opinions here.

For example, on the Gamescom competition, even if it is not my part, I would have added "with sad troubles" or that the time to make casual people in will be once the game is done much more than now. We made it more in France since we really wanted to have a good test situation, but we are still working on the game and prefer people to discover the game later, off course.

#2 par tcq sur 27/08/2012 à 12:38

Nice interview, but after having a look at the answer to question 4, I guess you missed your real job. Go into politics, you will be successful because it's like you are saying a bunch of cryptic stuff without answering a question :)

#3 par ludo77130 sur 27/08/2012 à 12:58


#4 par Hylis sur 27/08/2012 à 13:05

Trackmania will be back strongly in the news, but later Ludo. I know it is long, but many dev we are making will be useful for Trackmania in the end. The import of object is one example, but the most important will be said later. Give us around two months and I am sure you will feel that we are back on track.

#5 par infarctus sur 27/08/2012 à 13:20

Yeah! If we love that much NADEO, we HAVE to be confident! They rocks since the beginning. Why should they stop doing awesome stuff!
And Shootmania is cool too ludo :D

#6 par ludo77130 sur 27/08/2012 à 14:15

Shootmania is cool as football also is, everything since 3/4 months is about shootmania ... it becomes annoying, but anyway I'll be patient ! I trust on Nadeo's team, even if I was disappointed about the last solo campagn released ^^
Actually I'm clearly jealous about shootmania, this game is always in beta, but it brings thousands of players each days and already a lot of leagues consider it as an official game (eswc). If it was the new Starcrast I wouldn't care, but for a game which's developed by the same developers of Trackmania, I'm just jealous ^^

#7 par ludo77130 sur 27/08/2012 à 14:16


#8 par Hylis sur 27/08/2012 à 14:32

Ludo, we made Maniaplanet do you can benefit each ones from others. If Starcraft was in Maniaplanet, it would help Trackmania as well.

But I agree to say 'wait and show' as far as I am concerned ;)

#9 par oNio sur 27/08/2012 à 14:51

I think, in the end, every Trackmania 2 guy is waiting for eswc infos atm... if u give some of them, or even better, if this tournament will be a worthy first world cup for tm2, every player of it will support nadeo till the end (of trackmania) xD

#10 par frostBeule sur 27/08/2012 à 14:53

oNio: not everyone. in fact, far from.

#11 par Hylis sur 27/08/2012 à 15:48

ESWC info have to be given by ESWC. I have no additionnal info at the moment, and I am looking forward too like you!

#12 par oNio sur 27/08/2012 à 16:23

thx frost

#13 par frostBeule sur 27/08/2012 à 17:18

no problem, can't have you spread lies.

#14 par oNio sur 27/08/2012 à 17:30

ye ofc ;) screw me!

#15 par frostBeule sur 27/08/2012 à 23:13

i don't understand your winky-smiley. are you saying that what you said about "every player supporting Nadeo if TM2 gets a worthy first world cup" is true? in that case you are delusional i'm afraid. We're in an extremely bad situation as an esport right now, and just having TM2 present at ESWC doesn't make that situation any better whatsoever. the vast majority of the esports players (and organizations) are still supporting Nations despite everything that has happened lately - that should mean something, especially to Nadeo. we should all stand on the same side, but we're not. i find that very unfortunate. and while i sadly have lost hope that Nadeo will ever see why, i still hope you can see why oNio.

#16 par ArtiShöw sur 28/08/2012 à 06:45


So you admit the fact that each time you will release a game, you will stop your support for your previous ones?

When you will release another TM, if you release something more interesting than a huge fail like TM² is, you will then totally stop promoting ShootMania as you are doing with TMNF FOR SM?

I don't think that will lead you to place a constructive stable eSport, solid and in which games can get long duration with important multigamings, competitions, LANs etc. You will simply screwed up again as you did with TMNF and that pretty sucks.

If you want to develop eSport as you are blabling since years about, you need to keep your game on
top and propose improvements which can bring new players and keep organisations to get interest and benefit for long time.
I think that you are going on the wrong way by trying to release many games while actually you are not even
able to support only one.
Also, I find it pretty sad to see that you are forgetting your first mission in 2005-2006 which consisted to introduce a racing game in the eSport scene which was fulled of FPS, RTS, MOBA etc at that time.

Time will tell anyway and I truly hope you'll listen better to your community, I remember one year and a half ago people talking about the fail TM² would become...

In any case I wish you good luck for the next.

#17 par oNio sur 28/08/2012 à 10:46

Frost, i have no intention to get bound to one of your arguments k? top!

#18 par frostBeule sur 28/08/2012 à 15:36

oNio: well, that's unfortunate then. i guess it just shows even more how screwed up the situation really is.

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