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"Dear readers,

Remember. It has been approximately two and a half years since TM-Actu opened its doors with its only ambition to cover the majority of the current events on our favorite game: Trackmania.

In a little objective way, I find the result satisfactory. Certainly it had "slowdowns", the equity between the games was not always respected and the forum showed to be a total failure but with approximately 1000 news that relate the coverages of major events, the complete follow-up of numerous online competitions as well as the emphasis on the creations stemming from our prolific community, I consider that we can be proud of the accomplished work up to here.
That's why I really want to thank all the people who spent hours and hours drafting, coding, drawing, correcting, translating all this with passion and with aiming at satisfying our diligent readers for only purpose. They are much too numerous to be quoted one by one but know that nobody forgets them : Thanks a lot!

Quite as Nadeo tries to make it with its project Maniaplanet, TM-Actu must evolve accordingly. Many times, a new version of the site was announced to answer everyone's expectations in a better way. But various elements urged us to delay it until today!

The King is dead, Long live the King!

And in this occasion, we didn't decide to stop halfway. New website, new name, new objectives. Goodbye TM-Actu and long life to Mania-Actu! Preferring to reserve for the moment the surprise about the new features as well as the new design, I'd prefer to approach the ideology of this new website.

Let us begin at once to reassure all the passionate people of the Trackmania series: we will continue to follow in a diligent way Trackmania Nations Forever, always the most popular sector of the series and to which the "esportive" community attaches a lot of importance. It shall be the same for the other games of the series even if the events organized on these games tend to become more and more rare.

As Mania-Actu indicates it, we are also going to focus in a more effective way on the games included in Maniaplanet. Trackmania 2 : Canyon as well as on all other environments to come but also Shootmania who should appear very soon and seems already to be a hit!

Finally, Mania-Actu be going to turn completely to the community. So, we are going to turn to an Europe- and even a World-wide audience with a more adapted website and staff. You will also have the opportunity to participate, each at your level, to share your and our current events. Should it be about your maps, your videos, your competitions or simply your humors, you can each take a role on our new website.

Coming soon

Certainly it's not the first time we announce you the arrival of a new version of the site and I could understand the scepticism of some. Nevertheless, be assured that until now, if no new version was brought out (publicly at least), it is because we thought that it did not fit your expectations and that there was better to make.

This is the way Mania-Actu is going to arrive, product of the long maturation of your and our wishes. For the moment, you only have access to the waiting page as well as to the facebook page of the site. You will be able to find information and surprises while waiting for the public release of the site that will happen soon.

Anyway, thanks to all to follow us everyday. Your support matters enormously for us and we will try, with Mania-Actu, to thank you for your loyalty! Thanks to all and see you soon for new adventures."

Julien 'Boubisis' Szezarvirski
Head-admin of TM-Actu

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