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After a group phase without surprise, playoffs will surely be highly contested!
This is the four match in the order :

  • Q1 Team Acer TMNF vs National Racing Club

  • Q2 Mouse Control vs Team GAMED.DE

  • Q3 mythiX eSport vs Team eNigma

  • Q4 Team Infused.Tt eSPORTS vs Team Dignitas

  • For semis, winner of Q1 will met winner of Q4 and Q2's winner will be opposed to Q3's winner !

    Map Schedule :

     Maps schedule
    Playday 1on1 & 2on2 3on3 5on5

    CAP Playoffs

    As for EMS, there is playoffs for CAP too, this season, the tree starts in semis and Bullracing,wX,Saphire and RTA are the last one !
    First semi : Bullracing vs wX Group by Crew.sk
    second semi : Saphire vs Rule them all

    This stage is programmed on Sunday, 15th January at 19.30 CET !


    There is some relegations this season, so it will be a next season for sure !!
    Between 2nd and 3rd league, 4 teams,2 slots !
    6th place division 2 - Druidz.TMNF
    7th place division 2 - SL-Communis
    2nd place division 3 - Seven Eleven
    3rd place division 3 - Drivers From Finland

    Between 3rd and 4th league, it's the same system, 4 teams, 2 slots !
    5th place division 3 - Miracle Group
    6th place division 3 - Wings of Speed
    2nd place division 4 A - MaDrivers Team
    2nd place division 4 B - Virtual Xtreme Artilery.CAP

    Between 4th and 5th league, it's more difficult because there is so much divisions to take into account ,two groups of 4 teams each were created and 2 teams per group are up !

    Group A
    6th place division 4 A - Mouse Control TMNF 2
    7th place division 4 B - f1nerds.cap
    3rd place division 5 A - eXception
    2nd place division 5 B - Green Blaze Clan

    Group B
    7th place division 4 A - nations Xtreme team
    6th place division 4 B - Sex Alcohol Weed
    2nd place division 5 A - E.E.cps
    3rd place division 5 B - A New Era of Xtremeness


  • Q1 Team Acer TMNF vs National Racing Club

  • Q2 Mouse Control vs Team GAMED.DE

  • Q3 mythiX eSport vs Team eNigma

  • Q4 Team Infused.Tt eSPORTS vs Team Dignitas

  • Q1 : In this first game, Team Acer did not need to force to overcome the Russian at NRC, 6 / 0! The rest will probably be much more difficult for the German team!

    Acer 6 - 0 NRC

    Q2 :The second match seemed quite open to both teams, the Germans in Gamed.de had not been tough game to play, they responded by removing this mCon 5-1!

    GAMED.DE 5 - 1 Mouse Control

    Q3 :This third meeting seemed to be the tightest on the paper, the recent Team Enigma had the desire to prove she could compete with the best teams, but mX was clearly above them, convincing victory for the French team sees the way to the final open!

    MythiX 4 - 0 eNigma

    Q4 : For this last match, between the recent winners of the STC and another British team, Infused, the views of the shape of Dignitas, it was difficult to achieve a feat Infused, and that's what happened, Dignitas lost only submatch so far this season, they face a number of favorites in the fight to the final victory!

    Dignitas 6 - 0 Infused



  • S1 Team Acer TMNF vs Team Dignitas
  • Time to revenge ! After an epic STC final, the two best teams are back for a new battle !

    Dignitas has never seemed as strong,but Acer wants revenge, it may be extremely tight once again !

    Sunday, 15/01/12 21:00 !

  • S2 mythiX eSport   vs Team GAMED.DE 

  • In the other semi final,Trolling have started the match, hoping that the battle is as atractive Sunday! Anyway the challenge will be the same and the voltage also Gamed.de has not needed to force to go to this stage of the competition, see what can they achieve against the Mythix !

    Sunday, 15/01/12 20:00 !

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