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Everybody knows that the Stadium Team Championship (STC) is coming 19th, September 2011. But maybe you would like to get more informations about the biggest TM cup? TM-Actu has done it for you! 

First of all, you must know some rules about this tournament:

  • Matchs are played on Stadium tech maps
  • Matchs are played on 5v5 mode
  • Multilaps tracks are back for this 8th edition
  • The best teams of each Group will get a ticket for the Play-Offs
  • Merging of teams is not allowed (but you can have some guests players)
  • STC8 will be played in association with NC7 (same mappacks), as usual

  • The last edition of STC (so, the STC7) was won by fr.png UBITOX. The French team has been impressive throughout the competition, winning the great final against fr.png MythiX eSports.

    We will start by an analysis of the favorite teams and their line-up, which could succeed to fr.png UBITOX, then we will try to find out the outsiders which could surprise them. Finally, we will try to evaluate the potential winners of STC8 by groups analysis.

    Favorite teams

    de.png Team Acer
  • nl.png JWH (captain)
  • it.png B3pp092
  • se.png Frostbeule
  • be.png Korre
  • pl.png Nugget
  • cz.png Sandro
  • be.png Sani0
  • pl.png Shief
  • nl.png Tamarillo
  • fr.png wells
  • at.png PeZi
  • fr.png Kactus
  • de.png g00x
  • This line-up is probably the most impressive on paper! Defector from the structure gb.png YoYoTech, the German multigaming can count on pl.png Nugget, coming from fr.png MythiX, to try to win this STC8. Moreover, the French player fr.png wells, recently called for playing with fr.png France at NC7 would probably like to show what he can do...

    se.png Frostbeule :
    "Entering the STC, we are extremely confident since we previously this summer-season won the 2 major team tournaments (TMM and TmT) without even losing a single map. And so for the STC, I feel like we should do even better, as we know have PeZi and Nugget being able to contribute aswell to the team. Nonetheless, it's not gonna be an easy thing to win it. Because it is the oldest tournament, it also has the most prestige and thus the other teams will be more motivated for it. But as long as we keep our momentum, I think we should do well. And personally since the STC is the only major team tournament I haven't won yet, I'm extra motivated for it too."

    gb.png Team Dignitas
  • no.png Bergie (captain)
  • ca.png Carl Jr
  • gb.png DarkY
  • pt.png DVD
  • nl.png Hacktiv
  • ie.png HotSwat
  • fi.png Insane
  • se.png KarjeN
  • se.png Kewin
  • nl.png Koenz
  • pt.png Mandioka
  • pt.png Moriah
  • dk.png Munkeholm
  • be.png Razor
  • Dignitas has a big line-up, with not less than 14 players. Even if their level is known to be very good, the gb.png British multigaming has got difficulties to win the biggest team tournaments. However, the experience of players like no.png Bergie or pt.png Moriah will be a real advantage for them.

    no.png Bergie :
    "We look forward to playing STC again, however I am curious to how it will go in the playoffs when a few of us will be busy with ESWC. GG GL HF"

    fr.png MythiX eSports 
  • fr.png Kimi (captain)
  • ru.png Argus
  • fr.png Artishow
  • fr.png Carl
  • fr.png Ghost
  • fr.png Hayabusa
  • hu.png Huby
  • tr.png KinGoD
  • nl.png Micro 
  • fr.png TheRock
  • no.png Wold
  • it.png Ciap
  • fr.png Roa
  • fr.png EpiK
  • pl.png nothing
  • mX has recently lost pl.png Nugget, gone to Acer. But for this STC8, they will be helped by some great players like fr.png TheRock or fr.png Carl, who will have to make forget the pl.png Polish gamer. The fr.png French multigaming can count on Kimi's experience to add a new cup on its prize list and on the addition of a new talentued player 
    fr.png EpiK who will have to show what he can do.

    fr.png Kimi :
    "After a bad period where we lost many players especially our best one, Nugget, we were a bit unmotivated. We failed our TmT and some could think that it was the beginning of the end for us... But we are still there and our goal will be once again to win this competition, and I think we really can as we recruited some players, and with our base + the addition of Carl, i think we have a good chance. Anyway the favourite is Acer, it will be hard to beat them but not impossible, wait and see..."

    pt.png Advanced eSport
    • pt.png Kuduro (Captain)
    • pt.png Battou
    • pt.png Chaos
    • pt.png Flash'z 
    • pt.png Jalles
    • pt.png Marcius
    • fr.png Ned
    • pt.png Rewind
    • hr.png Skyz0r
    • de.png Suke
    • de.png TaLa
    • br.png Vini
    • pt.png Wzl
    Even if pt.png Advanced isn't THE top team of this STC, they can win against all teams with their very good line-up! With pt.png  Kuduro, fr.png Ned, pt.png  Jalles, pt.png  Rewind and br.png Vini, they can create a nice surprise!

    pt.png Kuduro :
    "Well, stc is comming and we're motivated to reach a good place at STC8. The most of our players had something like 2 months break of trackmania to rest them motivation for this two major tournaments upcoming (stc and ems). We've surprised some ppl in last season of EMS and we want to surprise on this stc too. We're motivated as i said, so get ready guys! GOOD LUCK and specially HAVE FUN !"

    Groups analysis

    For this part, we will just try to evaluate the chances of each team of each group to get a ticket for play-off, because the most important you must know about teams is written on the previous pages. So each team will have a note on five (like x/5), which will correspond as its chances of qualification.

    Group 1

    1 se.png Replica E-Sports - 5/5
    2 eu.png minipeace - 4/5
    3 br.png TNT - 2/5
    br.png SpeedBr - 2/5

    Group 2

    1 fi.png UMF - 4/5
    2 br.png 711 - 4/5
    3 pl.png Szopy Pracze Wymiatacze - 2/5
    eu.png Black.Out - 3/5

    Group 3

    1 pt.png nGt Gaming - 3/5
    2 fr.png Mistral.Tt - 3/5
    3 eu.png New World Team - 3/5
    eu.png DRK - 2/5


    Group 4

    1 eu.png Rule Them All - 4/5
    2 de.png dacSP [1] - 3/5
    3 fr.png Sex Alcohol Weed - 2/5
    ru.png Infinity Formula - 3/5

    Group 5

    1 no.png Lions - 4/5
    2 ru.png Wings Of Speed -3/5
    3 fr.png Insight Gaming -2/5
    pt.png FOXskill - 2/5

    Group 6

    1 eu.png Infinity Delta - 4/5
    2 fr.png Saphire - 4/5
    3 pl.png Extremalne ciotki - 1/5
    fr.png Team Of Xtrem - 3/5

    Group 7

    1 eu.png RG-Esports - 5/5
    2 be.png moreDimension - 4/5
    3 pl.png MaDrivers - 3/5
    es.png Clan Demon - 1/5

    Group 8

    1 fr.png 3DMAX Trackmania - 4/5
    2 de.png Schnelle Leute - 4/5
    3 be.png World of Race Maniacs - 3/5
    de.png eXclamation! - 2/5

    Group 9

    1 no.png - 2/5
    2 de.png You Dont Know Me - 2/5
    3 pt.png eQuilibrium - 2/5
    cz.png Evolutions - 2/5

    Group 10

    1 fr.png mythiX eSports - 5/5
    2 cz.png eEriness - 2/5
    3 it.png WIRC - 2/5
    eu.png vms.gaming - 2/5

    Group 11

    1 cz.png eSuba - 5/5
    2 fr.png Gang of Drivers - 4/5
    3 pl.png Twarogi Racer's - 2/5
    es.png hybriD team Sp - 2/5

    Group 12

    1 uk.png Infused.Tt eSports - 5/5
    2 de.png Eyes on U - 2/5
    3 de.png dac-sp2 - 3/5
    fr.png Pro - 2/5

    Group 13

    1 sk.png wX by - 4/5
    2 fi.png Drivers From Finland - 3/5
    3 es.png deMentes Gaming - 1/5
    fr.png DDp - 3/5

    Group 14

    1 uk.png Team Dignitas - 4/5
    2 nl.png Mouse Control - 4/5
    3 pl.png Orange - 1/5

    Group 15

    1 pt.png v-FX.advanced - 4/5
    2 ru.png Imperial Residents - 3/5
    3 eu.png A New Era - 2/5


    1 de.png Team Acer - 5/5
    2 it.png Black Angel Team - 3/5
    3 es.png Fanatics - 3/5

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