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Update 08/09/2011

ESL released the packmap for this Cup. You can download it here.

"After a very successful Trackmania² Cup in the german ESL section, we begin with our cups in the europe one. We start with a Funseries, which should be known by some of you. Nevertheless we will explain it. In this news you will find all important information regarding the upcoming Trackmania² Canyon Beta Funseries Cup!"

Rules :

So this cup will start Sunday 19h CEST and will be admined by a new ESL cup system.

  • Participants: unlimited
  • Mode: Roundsmode
  • Mappack: Gets published on thursday 18.00 CEST
  • Server: See here
  • Cupstart: Sunday, 11th September 2011 - 19.00 CEST
  • You got any questions?: Join our Webchat

  • The Funseries runs a bit different like all other ESL cups. Each player signs up normally and connects to the named date and time on our server. You don't need any checkin or a server, because everything will run on one server. Short after the cup has finished, the results of the cup get transferred to the ESL page and everyone gets his individual ranking.
    On our server it will be the Roundsmode with 5 rounds per map, overall it will be five maps. All in all the cup will take around one hour.

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