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We don't have a good news to tell u today. pt.png Skimer, a player from the pt.png Dark team is dead yesturday following of a cancer, he had 15 years old. pt.png Kaz, the team captain of dark left a note about this tragedy :

"Hi community. In the last week, i've been praying to not having to open a topic like this but unfortunately the worst happened. For those who are not familiar with the situation, Skimer, a Dark player, was given a battle with cancer during the last 6 months, a sort of Leukemia, and 2 weeks ago we had a relapse due to a treatment of radiotherapy and he was hospitalized for an undetermined time. Yesterday he lost that battle as he couldn't take it.
Thanks for everything you have done to us, for your happiness, your smiles and your joy that even in the worst moments always came on top. Your big Skimer and you'll always be with us."

Another pity if we remember all the dead players in our community, like ru.png poMka... U can also leave a comment on his ESL guest book. R.I.P Skimer.

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