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#1 par maxil sur 14/02/2013 à 19:46
Nice! Looking forward to make maps for that! :D
#2 par Laurens sur 14/02/2013 à 19:54
But why not in New York or sth?

But for TM, we can choose again which tournament we play? So they'll have all their prizes?

#3 par oNio sur 14/02/2013 à 20:02
again that all tournament shit :/ not the best to plan that... or is that meant to be "16 slots for each tm"?
#4 par infarctus sur 14/02/2013 à 20:02
We have no idea yet
#5 par Laurens sur 14/02/2013 à 20:04
yes that's annoying, onio..
they better say 8 canyon/8 stadium..
ideas when registration opens?
#6 par Gaétan sur 14/02/2013 à 20:08
Wow, that's nice !
#7 par infarctus sur 14/02/2013 à 20:25
You can register on their website
#8 par Minato sur 14/02/2013 à 21:08
16 slots just for TMUF, please! :D
anyway, sounds really nice - big news here :)

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