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Thibault "nAka" Martin
Owning nubz
> Personnal Information
Username nAka
Lastname Martin
Firstname Thibault
Nationality France
Registered since 2012-06-14

> Contact Information
Skype nakareshi
IRC #Shootmania
Aim bot

> Hardware Configuration
Motherboard AsusTek P7P55D-E
Processor Intel Core i7 860
Memory DDR3 Kingston 99U5458-002.A00LF 2048 Mo *2
Videocard Radeon HD 5870
Soundcard Radeon HD 5870
Hard Drive WDC WD10EARS-00Y5B1 ATA Device
Case CoolerMaster SNIPER Dragon Edition
Keyboard Razer Lycosa
Mouse Roccat kone+
GamePad Ma bi**
Headset SteelSeries SiberiaV2
Monitor Syncmaster E2220
Connection A big shit
Operating system W7

> Favourites
Game ShootMania
Game Controller My ****
Map Pokemon
Player Du4L
TV/Serie Nikita
Book Livret de ShootMania
Drink Beer
Food Pizza
Music Dubstep
Artist Du4L
Car My feets
Sport Eating

> Statistics
Number of Articles 0
Articles Comments 9
Photos Comments 0
Movies Comments 0
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> Shows

> Description
ShootMania player since Alpha 2

Last lans:
GA//SOPA//Cybsum//Meltdown Joust//
Next lans: Waiting for