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ShootMania Mappack Elite

In order to standardize the many competitions on ShootMania, Mania-Actu and Drakonia associate with big names in esports to offer you a structured method and recurrent selection mappack, and tournament rules identical for everyone. So you can be sure you compete in various competitions with the same rules, and play on the same maps.

Next Mappack

  • 5 July: End of proposed of maps in v1
  • 26 July: End of maps modifications
  • 3 August: Release of the mappack

Current Mappack

The current mappack from August is composed of :

  • Aggressive
  • Autumn Leavers
  • Calypso
  • Monaster
  • Numb
  • Reign
  • Thust
  • Valliant
  • Versaçe

Download link : DOWNLOAD

Previous Mappack

Tournaments Rules ShootMania

  • English Rules (soon)
  • French Rules (soon)

Mappack Rules 

How to send your maps?

At any time you can submit your creation to integrated into the mappack. These will be carefully studied by the staff. The best will be selected and put to the vote of the community.
The maps must be posted on the Mania-Actu forum :

How to test the mappack?

You can propose you to test the mappack and help us to select the list of maps to vote. You need to post on this topic