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IGN Pro League just announced its cash prize about the Shootmania : Storm tournament in Las Vegas, for the IPL #6. Indeed, the price pool will be the same as IPL #5! It just mean that there will be again $100.000 on this tournament...

You can check on their website about online qualifier schedule, rules, infos and how to register. Just click here!

After a first great season, that brought a great show, IPL is back on Shootmania : Storm for its 6th season! Indeed, every Shoomania fan remember these great Las Vegas finals, where european teams met North America ones for an amazing 100.000$ cash price won by Colwn.

So IGN pro league just announced that they were engaging a new season that shall be even greater than the last one!

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We do not know every details about how this competition will take place but, exept for the cash prize, this IPL #6 should look like the 5th. Indeed there will be a 16 Teams final at Last Vegas the 28th/31th march, and to be part of it, you will need to get your slot during Online qualificaions stages. 5 NA qualifiers and 3 for Europe, with 2 slots on each ones, it means that the great difference will be more slots for Europe!

So, just stay tuned here to get details about the Qualifiers! Do not miss your chance.

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