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Few days ago, the famous Dirt player se Gswe81, member of europeanunion New World Team, accepted to answer my questions.


Hello Gswe81 ! Could you present yourself ?
I'm Gswe81 in team NWT.
I'm 31 years old and played tm since 2008.
I work during the day and come home to my house where I live with Maria and my little daughter Sonja.

You're known to be an important and skilled Dirt player on Trackmania. When did you start to play TM ?
I started in August 2008 and joined NWT in November 2008. I choose to join NWT because the top 2 teams at that time were clearly europeanunion NWT and fr Vod'R, and Vod'R is french so the choice seemed easy.
I got 1 week as try-out period and then I became full-time member.

Some people call you “ The Robot “ because when you play for an important war, you have an impressive regularity. What do you think about this nickname ?
I think its flattering and of course its nice when people appreciate what I can do on the tracks. I have always been consistent in my driving, but back when I joined NWT I didn’t have the speed of the top guys like wicky, fi Jezze and pl Skopol - I had to play many hours on the « fastest nwt of the week » maps and on tmx to get to this good top speed.

NWT New World Team was born in 2008. You play for this team since the beginning of it?
no, as I said I joined in November 2008.
I believe NWT was born in May 2008 before I started playing. The earliest history I dont know very good, but it was fr Chamois and cz Carlos-Sainz that founded NWT with the ambition to have a team with people from all over the world.
When I joined the clear leader was be Makonen. He ruled NWT like a dictator, we are now good friends and I have met him at 2 times IRL.

What do you really like in this game ?
Nowadays its mostly the competition side I enjoy. I like racing against other people and I like winning. The fact that I know so many guys from the game is also important.
I played a lot on Xeres cross in the start, back then I was almost addicted to the game because I could see that I made improvements every day and that was great.
Nowadays with house and family I don't have time to play several hours every day like I had back then.

Do you will play on Trackmania² Stadium, and if yes, are you waiting something special of this “new game” ?
It seems like everybody will go to TM2 stadium, so to not be alone I will follow ofc.
I hope for a boost in players on servers, right now many servers are pretty dead.

If I'm not mistaken, you're a member of the Dirt Swedish Team who has lost against France in december. A second victory in NDC with Sweden could be a real objective in your Dirt « career » ?
Yes and yes.
Right now there are me and se Duffarn that has top level in the Swedish team, I hope that some other swedish driver can step up to that level.
France has so many high leveled players and team sweden could still give them a real fight, so we cant be too disappointed for the final loss.

If the opportunity to become a professional player like  frostBeule or nl Spam in Tech exists, you could accept to travel to play in LAN like ESWC for exemple, or video-games are simply a hobby ?
If you asked me 2 years ago I would have said yes but now I don't feel I have time for that.

Thanks for your answers, and see you soon on Trackmania !
Thanks for the interview, cya !


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#1 by Mig on 2013-01-13 at 11:13
Nice Interview !

Long Life to NWT and Congrats to Gswe81 for all his adventure on TM !!

Here is the interview of a great example of one of the best reference's Dirt player, as a nice guy too.

#2 by Deejay on 2013-01-13 at 12:33
Thanks MiG :)
Yep, it's a monument ^^
#3 by kansaki on 2013-01-13 at 13:51
Nice !

Thx Gus and Deejay ;)

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