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The most difficult trial competition is back ! From January 1, you can compete on maps among the most difficult in Trackmania Canyon! Try to finish the map or try to beat the best trialers … it’s up to you! One thing is certain, many will give up, and only the most persevering will overcome all the maps! The concept is simple, every 15 days, a new map. A ranking is done every month with the 2 maps played. The competition will run through the whole year (except December which will provide the opportunity to replay every maps). The event will take place on the server « WTC Trialmaster » Concerning the awards, there will be for everyone! From the moment you finish one of the two maps of the month, you are included in the monthly rankings and you earn planets. There are 5000 planets to earn per month, WTC tags, and perhaps even more surprises :) See you soon on the server WTC Trialmaster!

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