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2nd Division:

pl  Frogs.Of.War
de  Fusion.Gaming.CAP
fr  Insight Gaming
de  elite.esl
  A New Era
pt  TRTeam
no  GamersLeague

Searching the favourite in this league you will find the french team Insight as a strong contender for this spot. This team added some international players to the squad of skilled french players and is able to defeat a lot of teams in this group. But also 2 teams, that have been active since the TMN - ESWC edition of this game are among the top teams in this group - Elite and Fusion Gaming. The first-mentioned team picked up some great players like Sky, JoDooky (as guest from or Carti while Fusion can furthermore count on the players of their sister-team Bullracing. Besides them you will maybe find ANE, Funteam and GamersLeague fighting for a good result in this group, but also TRT and Frogs Of War can of course surprise the one or other team.

3rd Division:

de  dac-SP-2-
lt  Speed Breakers
  Virtual Xtreme Artillery.CPS
nl  AVENUE eSports - HYPE TMNF
  Very Short Players
nl  Mouse Control TMNF
fr  Dieux Du Pieu

In this league there are many teams which can start a winning streak. As a consequence it's hard to predict the final ranking, but the french team Dieux du Pieu, the second squad from dac-SP and the dutch team Mouse Control have the potential to reach a nice result.

4th Division:

fi  Drivers From Finland
no  Super Sheep Racing.CAP
se  nSpire
de  TrackmaniaHeroesEurope
be  8.Core l iGn
fr  IMPACT# TrackMania
fr  eXception

You can find a lot of interesting teams in this group, like the HUE team with former 711 members, team nSpire or 8.Core iGn. All of them can reach the top, but in fact there is no bad team in this league which looks promising for some exciting fights.

5th Division A:

pt  TRTeam 2
de  hal.ko.
  Team Insects
br  SpeedBr/spd Team
de  eSports United.CPS
se Racing
cz  Insenia TM
se  Team Q

Some known teams like eSu and some newcomers can be found here. All in all the czech team insenia and the aforenamed eSports United can be considered as favourites.

5th division B:

be  8.Cell l iGn
pl  Global Warming Clan TM
fr  Team Acorn
fr  Cie des Abrutis Motorises
fr  p.r.o Team
pt  RavageGaming
sk  Only For Fun

Another interesting group, where Only for fun and Team Acorn might be able to finish in the top positions if they can play on their best level.

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#1 by frostBeule on 2013-01-04 at 20:31 Modified 2013-01-04 at 20:42
nice preview!
#2 by Blizz on 2013-01-04 at 20:45
idd! nice stuff here :)
#3 by Wotre on 2013-01-04 at 21:07
Good job Raz!
#4 by wormi on 2013-01-04 at 21:18
[DFF]klovni gogogo!
#5 by Tona on 2013-01-05 at 18:50
Maps preview will come soon !!
#6 by Raso on 2013-01-07 at 17:54

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