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The long-awaited weekend of SOPA is almost here, and you can feel the tension among the players who train very hard for this first gathering of ShootMania Storm in LAN.

32 teams are expected to compete over two days and will share € 13,000 prize :

  1. fr Nitrose : Hybr1d, maazhev, nicolah
  2. fr LDLC : c@m!, dONut, Captsu
  3. fr solntsevskaya : mayamz, skRz, neouf
  4. fr HardXCore : B3k, Aim, Semperfy
  5. fr pLine : GLP, Plapla, Flippy
  6. fr The elite killerz : Tama, Jolafrite, PetitSkel
  7. fr aL : strenx, Saint-Cyprien, cr1pton
  8. fr colwn : winz, l1nkin, stermy
  9. fr handek : heldenn, CEDA, lao
  10. fr Punchline SM : Otenali, Payard, Luzzu
  11. fr uSefull' Gaming : Nqbral, TorTanK, narF
  12. fr adk : lanf3ust, aKm, thek1ng
  13. fr BU : Ramiro Junior, nAka, babou
  14. fr Retro eSports : mamouth, drkje, Kyb
  15. fr Epsilon eSports : schocky, Shintaz, basH
  16. fr Branque! : OuTrag3, Kryw, Naushaka
  17. fr pwS : Pimouz, eToz0, hEllz
  18. fr Quality-Serveur S... : Djo, Smile8, Wirozz
  19. fr Poneys : TiGADOU, Canaa23, Moudo
  20. fr Epsilon eSport : noxiZZ, Jookzy, SAwz
  21. fr WEBSPELL : zOg4, KzR, Scalpel
  22. fr ART Gaming : drayen, snatje2, stOOnez
  23. fr NGZ : ZeratoR, Gius, Noxer
  24. fr OUTSIDERS : Corke, DoZ, CaPiTo26
  25. fr All Stars : HaRts, MoMaN, Drizzer
  26. fr aesir : zelvz, eXen, diddix
  27. fr priZ : Nos, sprco, meSsiah
  28. fr French Connection : NgL, DaeMzZ, eLop^

There are beautiful people from all teams as the fr adk who won the online CybSum tournament, the fr colwn and the fr All Stars (also known as the LDLC) that were automatically selected for that tournament. We might also note some beautiful compositions in fr branque!, or fr AL that should promise (very) good show.

The rules are available at the SOPA website, but here's a summary: :

  • Mode Elite
  • Matchs in BO3 (6 points per round)
  • 2 groupstage, then a double bracket
  • 9 maps played on the tournament, 3 news maps in every phases.
  • Consolation tournament for those who are eliminated in group stage

Planning :

Saturday :

  • First group stage : 10h30 - 13h30 then 15h00 - 19h00
  • Second group stage : 20h00 - 23h00

Sunday :

  • Bracket : 9h00 - 12h00 then 13h0 - 18h00

Streaming :

In liive from SOPA lan, during this weekend, ManiaActu team will bring a great highlights through many streams, reports, interviews, and of course all the results in real time.

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