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ET-Generation.com is bringing back its Formula ET Nations (FETN) tournament after it having been in hiatus for a long time (The first and only FETN as of yet was organized back in 2009).

For those who weren't around back then, here is a brief summary of how it's played by ET admin fi harrii:

"FET (Formula ET) is a multilap competition, similar to Formula 1. Teams register with 2-4 players, and at each match day, 12 teams play together in a 24 laps multilap race, with 2 players of each team. That leads to a 24 players mass endurance race of approximately 25 minutes (24 laps, ~1 minute length). ET provides the servers for that competition at match day. 2 maps are played at each match day.

In divisions you get points dependent on the place you finished the race, and they are added together for a team ranking."

The starting date of the new edition is not known yet, it is only mentioned in the announcement that it will probably start sometime in March.

However, you can already now send in your maps for it. The following requirements are expected if you do so:

Map Requirements

  • mode: Multi-lap (no fake finishes)
  • stadium tech map
  • validation: 3 laps (no need to validate the maps with 24 laps)
  • length: 50 - 70 secs per lap (a flying lap)
  • minimal scenery (max 2000 coppers)
  • difficulty: quite easy difficulty level (challenge in this competition comes through endurance and consistency)
  • checkpoints: maximum distance between checkpoints: 10 seconds, recommended distance around 5 seconds. Each CP has to be respawnable and to the right direction!
  • mood: sunrise, day or sunset
  • password: maps with pass protection won't be considered
  • no cuts and no bugs if possible
  • use the tag "FETN2-" in front of the map name. No special signs in the map name (colors allowed).
  • upload your maps in the Map Upload Module (at ET Portal). Select FET as league.
  • limit of 2 maps from same author (duomaps included)
  • blockmixing is allowed as long as it does not produce any graphical problems or driving bugs
  • the track is not uploaded anywhere (for example TMX) and not used in any competition
  • GPS, Intros & Outros are forbidden
  • envmix obviously forbidden
  • check the mapping guide: How to map for ET leagues

Deadline for sending in your maps is 31st of January.

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#1 by Sky on 2013-01-02 at 14:34
The first edition was excellent ! Go Go
#2 by frostBeule on 2013-01-02 at 18:26
indeed it was. had alot of fun playing it.

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