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Fnatic has made some changes in its Line up, it's indeed today that they announced the arrival of a new player.

This is seLuxxiz that will replace nlLeKaiM. He made great games with frstrenx and nlJiePie for ESWC or IPL with two finals! But he had to quit, unfortunately we still ignore why...

Luxxiz is now quitting TCM to play with Strenx and JiePie. He said that it was perfect to improve his motivations again!

Strenx said that he did not expect a such high level new mate. We can recall that last time TCM met Fnatic, it was during the Ogaming's KOTH, and TCM won 2-1.

We hope that Fnatic will be stronger than ever with such a great Line-up!

Saw on Fnatic website :

"Today, we are proud to announce we will be adding a new player to our Shootmania roster! Christoffer ' luxxiz' Losell, a former TCM-gaming player, as well as an old-school player who is well known in eSports. He will join strenx and JiePie to complete FnaticRaidCall's Shootmania team. Unfortunately this means that Maikel 'LeKaiM' Peeters will be leaving team, we would like to thank him for all the time and effort he put into FnaticRaidCall, and wish him the best of luck in his future endeavours.

Luxxiz has played many shooting games competitively, and his gaming career kicked off in 1999, when he played Unreal Tournament. After a successful run in all team game modes in UT99, he continued playing UT2003, UT2004, and also made a name for himself in CoD4 community.

His Shootmania career though started in TCM-Gaming, and it will continue under the banner of FnaticRaidCall along with his new teammates strenx and JiePie. FnaticRaidCall would also like to thank TCM-Gaming on handling the transfer in a very professional manner."

europeanunion Fnatic it is :

  • frstrenx
  • nlJiePie
  • seluxxiz

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