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The Zotac #22 stood sunday afternoon, and this is Laurens who won this one, and brought 100 euros in his poket.Frostbeule, who was invincible till last weeks lost against the winner at 1/8 finals.

So a big Good Game to the new Zotac champion. Let's wait one week to see if he will be able to stand on the throne of racing champions, mantain control on his kingdom of victory, contain his skill like an army of stalwart and loyal troopers, not be pervade by lust and self conceit that victory brings, not be attracted by the taste of his victim blood, not be...ok ok i stop here.


  1. Laurens
  2. Pacman08

Next round will be Zotac #23 17.06.2012, 14:00 CEST and yo can register here!

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