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Hey all !

After their qualification in the (NDC) Nations Dirt Cup's final,  Chuck and  jiben83, managers of Dirt Team France accepted to answer some questions.


Hello guys

jiben83 : Hi Deejay !!

Chuck : Hi !


Can you present yourself quickly ?

jiben83 : I'm Ben*j, Dirt player since 2008, founder and actual admin of the team TAF. I've participed at many tournaments with my first team (LFC) or with TAF. Last year I had the honor to lead Dirt team France world championship with Chuck, and this year I renewed this opportunity to keep our title.

Chuck : I am Chuck, I discovered TM 3 years and a half ago, and I started to play Dirt since 3 years. I have joined the TeaM-Fox at the same period. One year later, I've joined the team ACT, where I'm a captain and where I won several cups.

I've been elected to manage the French Team for the NDC 2011, where we won against Sweden.

I've been elected again for the NDC 2012 to get our title at stake. We will play to the end once again to win against Sweden.

Otherwise, IRL my name is Joé, I'm a student of 18 years old, I play volley-ball in competition, I ski, ride the mountain-bike, I love music and girls (especially Deejay :D). Thats all !


Congratulations for your qualification in Nations Dirt Cup's final. Did you thought being able to reach this stage of the competition once again ?

Chuck : Thanks, We thought reaching this stage, I can say that we hoped because we wanted to keep our title of Dirt world champions. We only have lost one or two good players, but others have joined our team, and at the moment all is good because we have just lost one map 5-4 against Belgium.

jiben83 : Thank you, it's true in theory we had a chance to reach this stage, but the NDC's level increased and we had to play carefully, there are some nation teams with an excellent level.

I'm happy to have reached this stage but I wanna win against Sweden in final.


If I'm not mistaken, you reached the final for the third year in a row, and you will play against Sweden in final for the third year in a raw too. There is a particular rivalry between you ? Do you dread this nation more than one another?

Chuck : It's indeed a new France vs Sweden's final for the third year in a row. We can say that there is a little rivalry between us because we were given an appointment in final before the NDC's start. I think it's a good rivalry, everybody gets along and sometimes we train together, etc …

Now it's true that it's our better opponent's nation, because it's a final and some good players have joined Sweden this year but there were other teams to fear before the final, like Germany, Spain or Belgium at the last war.

We have seen Sweden which has eliminated good teams too like Hungary, a team which can won this NDC 2012.

For this final, we will train more and we will be motivated to beat Sweden team once again.

jiben83 : Yeah, the Sweden team is our rival team in Dirt (and in the other environments). They have some very good players who are present in the top of dirt rank's players since a long time.

For the moment, there were two wars, one victory for Sweden, and one for France. This match will be the ultimate war.


How did you recruit the players in your Line-Up? It was difficult to recruit a sufficient number of players?

jiben83 : As last year, we invited our best french players to make an application on the French Dirt forum. We have seen who is motivated and after discussions with Chuck, we made an efficient player's list as we were in the NDC's final ! I want to thank all french dirt players for their performances during this NDC 2012.

France have a lot of active players who can play the NDC, the final player's choice was hard to make because we wanted the best to represent France.

Chuck : As Benj said, recruitment was done on the French Dirt forum. A message was sent to the players that thought they have the level, they had just to be registered, and make a small application.

After, Benj and I have checked the players and look at their team results, to get the best competitive Line-Up.

We have seen that the number of applications decreased but it was quite good. One of them has left us before the start of the competition but the rest of the french players was motivated. I think that the selection is successfull, we are in final !


Being captain and co-captain of Dirt French Team, it's a lot of work and responsibilities?

Chuck : It's a responsibility as well being a player, of course, but it's not a lot of work because despite the organization of matches, there isn't much more work.

I think it's difficult to make good choices to play matches, I always question myself if I have do my best for the Line-Up, about the player's motivation, etc, … I guess it's the same for Benj. I've made the good choices until now and I hope they will be good till the end !

jiben83 : This question is difficult. It's an important responsibility ton manage the French selection because many frenchies support us and I like this period because I can spend my evenings with other people as usual. I like getting excited to get a good place in Dedimanias among the best players.


Do you think that the number of nations and players will increase for the next NDC with the arrival of Stadium in TM² ?

Chuck : For the moment, we hope that there will be one another NDC next year (probably yes), but I think that the players who are active in TMNF will don't have problems to make the jump on TM² with the opportunity to make a community reborn.

I don't think there will have more teams next year, but I hope that actual teams will be here for NDC 2013.

jiben83 : It's true that we are excited to discover Stadium with the TM² performances. I think there will be new dirt players. I hope new nations will play NDC too, the goal being to strengthen the NDC and put the Dirt forward.


Personally, are you waiting something particulate for this new Mania-Planet's game ?

Chuck : I'm not waiting something special, I just want a boost of the community. And in a very utopian optics, a development of the Dirt in the e-sport, in LANs, on ESL, etc …

jiben83 : Personally I'm excited, I don't know what to expect, the Nadeo staff stays in a surprise optics. I hope playing on it and perhaps beat Chuck in this new Stadium !


To finish this interview, a little forecasts about the NDC final ?

Chuck : A victory of France, without any hesitation ! But I think it will be harder than last year.

jiben83 : It's hard to say a forecast, the war will be intense and I hope a victory of France with show and honor for the spectator's pleasure.


Thank you guys to have answered my questions for Mania-Actu, have a good evening and good luck for your final against Sweden!

Chuck : It was my pleasure, thank you ! Kiss ♥

jiben83 : Thank you Deejay, we will do our best to keep the title on the french side!



You can watch the VOD of France vs Belgium in semi-final :

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#1 by Xenosis on 2012-12-13 at 14:17
La nouvelle section Dirt des SAW espère bien pouvoir apporter de nouveaux joueurs à la sélection française ^^
Go les bleus !
#2 by Deejay on 2012-12-13 at 14:35
Yop le Xeno !
Oui grave ! il faut que vous vous montriez en Dirt :P

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