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Before the start-off of the FormulaTM nJoy will host a Speed Cup on classic TMN Speed Maps. The cup will feature the following three stages:


The first stage will be the qualification. You only need to post your Name + Login in this topic to participate! The qualification is open for all and will have no player limit.

The qualification will be divided into two parts: There will be a Quali-Cup on Monday, 10.12 and Wednesday, 12.12, both at 20 CET. From both Cups, the top 16 will reach the next phase of the cup. You can take part in both cups if you want, but players who already qualified in the first cup will not be able to play the second cup.

The mode of the qualification will be time attack. Every map will be driven 7 minutes, and in the end we will count all three times together.

2.1on1 Shootout

All players who are qualified should register for the 1on1-Cup on this page, we will create it soon (The cup will only be created to have a better overview of the matches and to make it easier for you to communicate). We will give you more informations about this when qualification is over.

3.Grand Final

On Sunday, the 23.12 the Grand Final will take place. The best 8 players will reach this stage and will fight in 1on1on1on1-mode and with loserbracket to become the first nJoy Classic Cup Champion!


These classic TMN speed maps will be played during the whole cup:

You can train them on our Cupserver in Time Attack mode: tmtp://#addfavourite=fh_cup2
On this server also the qualification will take place.
Also don't forget our FormulaTM server, where you can have a first look on the FormulaTM maps: tmtp://#addfavourite=fh_cup1


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