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*Update* The cup has ended and a winner has been established: it's se dignitas/KarjeN!

Here is a picture of the top 20:



TrackMania clan Knights are currently in the midst of hosting their 2nd Time Attack cup played on VeryShort maps.


  • Mode: 6 minutes Time Attack
  • 60 maps in total
  • Top-10 overall ranking wins prizes


Prizes for players with United-accounts:

  1. 50000 Coppers
  2. 30000 Coppers
  3. 15000 Coppers
  4. 10000 Coppers
  5. 7500 Coppers
  6. 5000 Coppers
  7. 2500 Coppers
  8. 1000 Coppers
  9. 1000 Coppers
  10. 1000 Coppers

Prizes for players with Nations-accounts:

  1. The 1st ranked player without a United-account wins a United key as well as 10000 Coppers
  2. The 2nd ranked player without a United-account wins a United key


The cup is going on between December 1st 2012 and January 1st 2013.


The following rules are in effect during the cup:

  1. It is only allowed to race with one active account per player. If it is discovered that you're breaking this rule, the player will be banned on all accounts
  2. It is not allowed to let someone else play on your account
  3. Cuts are not allowed

 How to participate

To participate, simply join the official server and start setting times:

Direct link: tmtp://#join=vni14

Add server to favourites-link: tmtp://#addfavourite=vni14

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