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The exD Team proudly presents the xmas-cup 2012. To register you need a team within 2 players. Register your team on our cuphomepage. Please register with your login.


There will be a Qualifying between 1.12.12 and 20.12.12 on 20 maps 30sec each on "exD xmascup-Q" (TA Mode).


21.12.12 we check out all the locals and the best 10-16 teams will be qualified for the main event.


Main event is on 22.12.12 and will be in RelayRace Mode on 7 Maps 50sec each. That means each player drives 5 rounds on each map, 35 rounds overall. (MAPS NEEDED)


Everybody who is qualified for the mainevent will earn a prize. There will be money and planets. Please donate on our cuphomepage or on our qualifyingserver to increase the prizes. Prizes will be released on 21.12.12!


To have variety we need maps for our mainevent:

the exD-Team

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#1 by jhs on 2012-12-02 at 21:03
it looks great :)

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