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Present at the biggest Europeans events related to ShootMania like CybSum, DreamHack, or ESWC to name a few, Drakonia reappeared for IPL #5 in Las Vegas. The president of the association, Thyrus, will be present in the world capital of poker to administrate the ShootMania tournament. He will have to manage the 8 teams and ensure the running of the tournament.

Group A
fr Colwn
us Spin Move
us Epsilon
us SK Gaming
Group B
se TCM Gaming
us Planet Xpress
us Asphyxia
rn Qualificatif Slot

This is for Drakonia a new recognition of his expertise in organizing and managing tournaments. First recognized on TrackMania, this association from Perpignan is now recognized as a major actor on the European ShootMania scene.

Mania-Actu and Drakonia will give you throughout the next few days the highlights of this event, results, photos and much more!

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#1 by PimK on 2012-12-01 at 06:06
Je viens de voir Dignitas vs. MME... Ben c'est vraiment pas terrible ^^
Vivement les vrais matches... à partir des demis je pense. Enfin, j'espère !

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