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Players of de GamersLeague, the team who finished third at ESWC.World on ShootMania just announced, that they leave the german structure to join the European team europeanunion 4Kings.

This is the new line-up of the 4Kings :

  • fr Maxime ‘Leavzou’ Bouchenoire
  • de Marc-Andre ‘Vega’ Schrei
  • de Danny ‘FreakyNoise’ Scholl

This is a statement from the Team-Captain of the 4Kings :
"It's a pleasure for us to have the chance to represent 4Kings in the next events. Our third place at ESWC gave us confidence about our future, but is also putting necessary pressure on us since we have to confirm this performance online as well as online for the upcoming major events. We will practice as much as we can to achieve this, and represent 4Kings as well as possible, showing them that they made the right choice. Their professionalism allow us to focus entirely on the game, which is what we were looking for and it will definitely help us out our way to the top.

We'd like of course to thank Plantronics GameCom for their support toward us, but also for their support to eSport in general, showing at ESWC how good their products (such as the Commander) were."

Good luck to them in the next events on ShootMania.

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#1 by yoshiyo on 2012-11-23 at 09:07
Gl 4Kings ;) !

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