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Colwn vs. Fnatic Game 1 :

Game 2 :

Game 3 :

Award Ceremony :

Colwn Interview :

The Groups A&B took place during the night for Europeans followers! This is Colwn and SkGaming  for Group A and Fnatic and PlanetXpress for Group B that managed to win the points to reach the Playoffs Bracket!

Today will take place  the final Bracket! Check out the different games we will see on our bracket page here!

  • Finals : Start 8hpm CET

The Last Slot IPL5 Qualifier just finished and this is Fnatic That won 3-0 against gbDignitas this precious pace! We now know the full Line-up of crazy teams that will fight for $100.000 all he weekend!

Schedule CEST :

  • Pools games : Saturday 19h-7h Sunday
  • brackets&Finals : Sunday 19h

You can follow this Event thanks to the IPL official Twitch.tv channel! Just check our Live module out to watch it!

From 29 November to 3 December will be the IGN Pro League 5, a tournament with a 100.000$ cash prize.


First, there will be an Open Qualification tournament where the lasts teams that did not qualify can take the last slot and participate to IPL5. Will be here the nl Fnatic 4win ( strenx, LeKaiM, JiePie ) , the  gb Dignitas ( Kowa, GaRpY, Zaccubus ) and the us Third Coast ( Phelonz, Hotmustid, and Poptrunk).

The past qualifiers have been used to build 2 groups :

Group A :

  • fr Colwn
  • us Spin Move
  • us Epsilon
  • us SK Gaming

Group B :

  •  se TCM Gaming
  •  us Planet Xpress
  •  us Asphyxia
  •  rn Qualificatif Slot


  • 1rst Place: 30,000$
  • 2nd Place: 15,000$
  • 3rd/4rd Place: 8,000$
  • 5th/6th Place: 5,500$
  • 7th/8th Place: 4,000$

This tournament will permit to take the temperature and see the international level of this first season on ShootMania. Europeans and Americans had no occasion to fight each other becasue of the Online issues with high pings and lags.

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