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On the 8th of November, we reported that the ShootMania team left Eclypsia.
Yesterday, Fnatic has announced that they add the ShootMania team to their organisation.
This team consists of: fr Kévin "Strenx" Baéza; nl J.P. "JiePie" Janssen and nl Maikel "LeKaim" Peeters.

This team has recently placed 2nd at the ESWC 2012 in Paris, France and they will travel to IPL5 in Las Vegas, which will happen at the end of this month. Because they lost two incredibly close European Qualifier finals against colwn and TCM-Gaming, they will try their best at the Last-Chance Qualifier at the event itself and hope to get the final spot into the tournament.

We wish them the best of luck in their new team and hope to see them on the international stages soon!

Statement from "cArn", Fnatic's Chief Gaming Officer:

We are pleased to announce that we are now entering the exciting world of Shootmania. Fnatic has a long legacy being highly successful in FPS and we are confident that Kevin, Jean-Pierre and Maikel, the recent finalists of ESWC, will represent us in the best possible way. The team is now preparing for the upcoming IPL5 in Las Vegas where they are a great contender for the medals. On behalf of the Fnatic organisation I would like to welcome Strenx back to our family, and of course send the warmest welcome to JiePie and LeKaiM - let's do this!" - Patrik "cArn" Sattermon

Statements from the new Fnatic players:

"This is so good to be fnatic again! Hello again to everyone! I hope I will still choose situation when to be aggressive, or not when to be aggressive, because I'm talking it! Let's fight again, and we will prove that we will be the best, even without lightning gun! If you want to see my super fnatic picture, go to my facebook page: www.facebook.com/strenx, everything looks better with fnatic in it!" - Kévin "Strenx" Baéza

"We are very happy to get this opportunity from Fnatic. After our second place in the ESWC we are sure we can grow further under the Fnatic flag. Having trouble with our last organisation we can now focus purely on the game itself. With Fnatic behind our back we will be fighting hard at the IPL5 in Vegas and all other events after that to prove that we belong at the top." - Maikel "LeKaim" Peeters

"Behold, the announcement that we have joined forces with Fnatic! Huzzah! We will be representing them at the IPL5 tournament in Las Vegas which is in 3 weeks from now, and we hope to prove that it was a good move from them to pick us up. Ever since I started competitive gaming I've looked up to Fnatic, which is why it's a really great honor for me to actually play under their name and achieve the best results possible while doing so. We’re really looking forward to be working together with this organisation, woopdedoo!" - J.P. "JiePie" Janssen

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