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A new TrackMania competition page has started called nJoy. It plans to host several tournaments in the future, the biggest one being the nJoy Formula TM that will have a similiar system as the famous Stigmata F1.

To kick it off however, they will first organize a smaller cup with 16 slots:


  • 16 slots
  • 1v1v1v1
  • Single-Elimination
  • Cup mode without finalist
  • pointlimit 100
  • 5 rounds per maps 


The cup will use the current STC/NC maps which you can download here.


The cup will take play on this Thursday November 15th at 20:00 CET.


to sign-up to the cup, firstly register on the site here, and then add your TrackMania gameaccount here. After all that is done, register to the tournament here.

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