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The team ADDICT.Gaming invites you to participate in the Olympics Games Trackmania. Olympics will begin in January to end in Mars.

Some informations :

  • 20 events in individual are planned on Dirt, Tech, Fullspeed, RPG and Coast.
  • 6 events in teams are planned on Dirt and Tech.
  • 230 matches to the program.
  • 60 set up Servers.
  • Every Driver will have the right to join 3 individual competitions and to participate in 1 event in team. What will be the drivers who will be divided 20 Tag GOLD, SILVER and BRONZE on the various disciplines? You!!!
  • What will be the strongest nations in 6 events in team?
  • Get ready, do not miss this event which will gather all the Trackmania community.

Players Partners:

  • Dignitas Carl Jr.
  • VodR Alban
  • ESU Kilburn

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#1 by wormi on 2012-11-16 at 17:25
"Dirt, Tech, Fullspeed, RPG and Coast"

So funny to add stadium styles... and coast, a whole new environment :D

That's why the interest I give is zero.

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