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the eSport Shootmania scene is at that moment in a constant motion, unfortunately, if it is good for the game, multigaming teams have trouble keeping their line-ups.

And a new chapter is written here with the departure of Eclypsia's players. despite their ESWC great results, Strenx's mates announced that they were leaving  their team. It seems that it is because of the IP 5's logistic handling that they are splitting

Communiqué from Sarens, the Eclypsia manager

"it is impossible and unnecessary to hold a player that want to move from our company. Lekaim, with who we had great discussions since players decided to leave Eclypsia, think that we were too long to decide all the things about the IPL 5 Las Vegas journey. It is a shame, especially as we were impatient to see them over there. We heard their expectations, but their decision was already taken. I wish them good luck for their future.

However, it is not the end of Eclypsia in Shootmania. This is a game that we believe in, and we will keep on spending some time and hopes on it. I can not wait to bring you some news about it. " Pierre "Sarens" Guivarch - eSport Manager Eclypsia

With their skill, we know that these players will not stay without structure during a long time. We can say to conclude that Eclypsia do not leave Shootmania and are searching for a great line-up.

Shootmania in Eclypsia, it was :

fr Kévin "Strenx" Baéza
nl J.P. "Jiepie" Janssen
nl Maikel "LeKaim" Peeters


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