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hey folks! The biggest TM² : Canyon competition, hosted by the ET-generation website, that started few months ago is about to deal with serious things. Indeed, the playoffs, where the best teams of each divisions are waiting, is about to start. And we can say that real business will begin with awesome games, where the best TM² teams will face off with no compromise, no prisoners, no begging and no mercy. Only bloodshell, war, dust and darkness will surround and darken the too friendly Maniaplanet world. You wanted blood, then you will hbe drown in it

With the TWL2 and the Nation Cup 2, best clubs and countries shall go through their most dificult matches! Wo will win between all these freaks? Only time and patience will give us the answer.

1/2 finale Finale

This is what we can call a clash of the titans. With the current top 4 teams of the TM² : Canyon game, we are sure to have a great skill show! Demise, with a perfect done league, and only 1 points given to the whole opponents, certainly are the ones to defeat! And it is up to n!faculty to do it! And they surely can, as they managed to beat all opponents in their division, with only 3 points given during this League.

On the other side, we have another crazy game with KFR vs. BX3. Both teams did a great league, but KFR seems to be stronger when you analyze all the games the 2 teams played. As KFR won 13 points against 12 for BX3. This speaks for itself and show how tight this game will be. So...Will there be a over boosted BX3 team for this meeting...Wait and see!

Line's up :

n!facultyde :

  • Anxiety
  • 3y3s
  • DawiD
  • gerd
  • Hollist
  • Kevin-Power
  • laurens
  • MighT
  • pacman08
  • Poco
  • RooCky
  • Smety
  • Yoshi92

Demiseno :

  • chuckie
  • aparte
  • Gosaft
  • marco
  • Pook
  • vetah
  • Voyager006
  • Weeeeeeee

KFRfr :

  • nerZull
  • Bobinho
  • greatadi
  • Jimmy62
  • monkypaps
  • Nahoy
  • teroor
  • suick
  • Zypher

BX3europeanunion :

  • marius 89
  • 20-100
  • andyextreme1
  • Asserich
  • BlackCat
  • Chillerside
  • DevaiL
  • Figos
  • HT_Stouk
  • jerhi
  • klovni
  • Kryw
  • Loverofspeed7
  • pranka


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#1 by Majo on 2012-11-06 at 11:45

Of course i was kidding, we are on mania-Actu and not on ESWC main stage!

so true :p

#2 by Nene on 2012-11-06 at 12:09


#3 by Lmbwilly on 2012-11-06 at 22:56

Because i am french! Of course i was kidding, we are on mania-Actu and not on ESWC main stage!

ok i don't say nothing about me :D

But GL Germany vs France

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