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This weekend was playing the final stages of the first leg of the fifth season of ModLap Championship back to the first victory of Kimi in this competition.

They were 55 to be present for the final, so it's Kimi who won with a flawless regularity, tenth is its worst result this evening! Behind him, Wally, the Canadian winner of qualifications, after starting winded, he straightened his level chaining good performances, but the damage was done, he could not return to Kimi, but still gets a strong second place, his best result at MLC. Third, and this is a real performance to meet him at this level with so little training, he finished third of recent, Artishow. Probably with more training, he could play the victory, but it is a good place for him who is playing the general classification at the end of the season!

Also note, an excellent final by Yannex the Vsp player, long time ahead, but has lost all hope of victory on the penultimate map, finishing 31th ...

We would have liked to see other big names of the scene on this round, but it is true that with ESWC and STC, it's difficult for players to find the time and motivation!

The next round should take place within 4 to 5 weeks, we will keep you informed anyway!



ca Wally


Few words with Kimi

We went to meet Kimi, then double winner this Sunday (With Abu Dhabi race...) ...

ManiActu : Hi Kimi! First victory for you at MLC, is a competition that you like? In fact it was the same MLC we saw you for the last time!
Romain "Kimi" Loirat: Hi Clem, Yep that's my first victory and I must say that I was not necessarily prepare since I returned to TM just two weeks ago. This was just to make me happy at start then I saw that I could make some nice time so I have a little (a lot) more trained than expected, and the result is to go so it's especially cool after my victory in Abu dhabi in the afternoon.

ManiActu :Your goal is to win the overall ranking?
Romain "Kimi" Loirat: No I don't necessarily have goals, but when I can and when I have time I will play the MLC, we'll see if I can do all the races! :)

ManiActu :You recently joined BX3, a new start?
Romain "Kimi" Loirat: Yes it's true I was offered BX3 to the STC with them during the week via Micro, it  was really not planned too but here again the envy of competition took over ... So I agreed, after again we see how it goes if I have the time to train because I have not that much time and especially if I am competitive I will continue, so we'll see how it goes !

ManiActu : Thank you for this little interview, a final word?
Romain "Kimi" Loirat: Thank you for your interview Clem and BX3 to give me confidence. And yeah yeah yeah, I know I need to warm up my front tires, we do this every time sheets so leave me alone I know what I do!


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#1 by Clemouf on 2012-11-07 at 12:18

gg 402 ^.^

#2 by Korre on 2012-11-07 at 14:48

Welcome back KimizOr

#3 by Tona on 2012-11-07 at 15:26

Tellement fan du mot de la fin ! <3

#4 by Ice on 2012-11-07 at 22:08

Hahaha !! Kimi powaaaa !!

#5 by Gaétan on 2012-11-08 at 11:05

+1 Tona ahah !

#6 by ImHoTep on 2012-11-08 at 17:38

GG Kimi, tu vois quand tu vas au bout c'est mieux ;)

La prochaine manche devrait avoir lieu d'ici 4 à 5 semaines

Ben là, ça va dépendre des maps que l'on reçoit :)

#7 by Wally on 2012-11-08 at 19:22

GG :)

#8 by CaiLL on 2012-11-10 at 14:59

Le parasite Kimi est décidément une souche très résistante.
Y'a pas un hacker dans le coin qui pourrait définitivement l'éradiquer d'Internet ? Je payerais cher pour ne plus voir apparaître le nom de celui qui a couvert de honte la nation française, en permettant à la Suéde de remporter une Nation Cup TMN.

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