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ESL has announced a Cup Series for Joust 1on1! This Cup Series will be spread out over November and December, with the final in January 2013.

"It's time for a Cup Series for 1on1 Joust mode. Players will have the opportunity to play in a series of Joust Cups and try to gain a place in the final Winners Cup. The Top 8 players in the ranking will qualify for the final cup."

The winner of this Cup Series will win this prize:

The ROCCAT Apuri is your perfect desktop assistant. The first component of the ROCCAT™ Smart Desktop Management System (SDMS) offers you the perfect combination of style and functionality right there on your desktop. The Apuri won’t just power your USB devices; among other things it’ll also bring new order to your desktop by taking control of your mouse cable.

“Flexibility is the best way to gain freedom of movement.”
Dr. E. J. Dale, ROCCAT Scientist

Started on Monday 29/10/12 there will be 8 weekly cups for Joust 1on1. All cups will start at 20.00 CET. Below you can find the schedule:

October 29th
Joust Series Cup #1
November 5th
Joust Series Cup #2
November 12th
Joust Series Cup #3
November 19th
Joust Series Cup #4
November 26th
Joust Series Cup #5
December 3rd
Joust Series Cup #6
December 10th
Joust Series Cup #7
December 17th
Joust Series Cup #8
January 7th 2013
Joust Series Final
Invite only

For more information, check the ESL website:

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