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We already knew that ShootMania interest great players. It started with Harts and Moman who were involved with testing the Alpha of ShootMania, and recently with the gradual opening to other players, big names in the esports scene have appeared on the servers.

If I say [M], no I won't talk about the new sandwich at McDonalds, but the famous Millenium multigaming. The powerhouse has always been able to talk about it by recruiting the best players in many games, and it continues to set the level high with the announcement of its new Shootmania's line-up.

Line up :

  • fr Kevin « strenx » Baeza
  • Maciej « av3k » Krzykowski
  •  Alexey "Cypher" Yanushevsky

[M] hasn't done things by half since we can say that Millenium gathered the three best QualeLive players in the world. Combined together, their respective results are impressive with many victories in ESL, ESWC, QuakeCon, DreamHack.

Remains to be seen these three players which are used to play individually, agree to conduct their tagg to the tops and prove that they have not loose their skill.

For their first outing, the new [M] SM will meet in the CybSum June 23 in Paris.

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#1 by Aken on 2012-06-14 at 20:03

strenx and Cypher and the same team oO so sick!

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