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Here we goooo ! This week, a new world champion title is playing ! For french players, there is still one step before this event, the ESWC.fr 2012 who give one slot for World Event !

Maps :

  • ESWC 2012 - Marl0w <3 | par tree-free
  • ESWC 2012 - Midori | par Artishow_jea
  • ESWC 2012 - Zangetsu | par jea
  • ESWC 2012 - Zune | par znik_spam
  • ESWC 2012 - Gamefire | par tonagt


Players (6) :


Nickname: Artishöw

Team: MythiX

Preview :  Winner of first online qualification cup powered by Drakonia, he wins almost everything he can online, he now try to show his potential offline even if we have already seen him last years on LANs.


Nickname: Carl

Team: Team LDLC

Preview :  The best french LAN player is about to play his 5th ESWC ! The level is more and more high but Carl always win, he will try to prove once again he is the best !

Nickname: Ned

Team: TOX

Preview :  Ned is a very famous player online, winning almost everywhere he played, he already show he can perform well offline, since we see him a bit more often recently, he is a favorite to the french title !

Nickname: RapT

Team: Team LDLC

Preview :  As his teammate Carl, RapT got an huge experience of offline events, wich is a positive thing for him, everything depends of his training as always in this game, maybe more for him..

Nickname: t0ub

Team: eXtensive

Preview :  T0ub has nothing to lose, of course this will be his first LAN event but he can play over that and surprise his opponents !


Nickname: YoYo

Team : eXtensive

Preview :  He got his place by winning Masters, YoYo is the big favorite of this competition !









Anyway, for sure, the winner of this should be a big opponent for world qualifiers !

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#1 by Majo on 2012-10-31 at 14:46

nice final! GG!

#2 by frostBeule on 2012-10-31 at 14:58

was exciting to watch (despite the awful finalist mode).

i'm really happy for Ned qualifying. i've always regarded him as one of the best and it's nice to see him get that recognition. i wish him all the best for the grand final.

i must however comment on one thing: apparently Carl is also qualified, despite France only having 1 qualifier-slot. from what i've heard, the reason is that the "reunion"-guy didn't show up to the event, so ESWC bluntly decided to just give it to 2nd place in france.

this is really fucked up. why not for example give it to 2nd place in the netherlands? or from any other country for that matter. it's not really fair at all to those guys. they probably did it because they wanted a full line-up. but imo it's not really that much of a difference between 7 and 8 players (it's a small number either way) and it would be the right way of just having it be 7 (fairly) qualified players.

#3 by Wally on 2012-10-31 at 16:37

I totally agree with frostbeule.

#4 by Aken on 2012-10-31 at 16:52

That was just a misunderstand between the comentators and the eswc staff, Ned is the only one qualified.

#5 by frostBeule on 2012-10-31 at 16:59

#4: wow, that's a huge mistake then. i saw the reaction of Carl on stage and how happy he was when they told him he had qualified. now i feel bad for him :/

#6 by Aken on 2012-10-31 at 17:02

Yeah that's a shame. I don't know how they organise themself but there is only 1 slot for ESWC World (Ned) who received a gold medal and stuff, Carl received a silver medal too but ArtiShow, nothing. Dafuq

#7 by Korre on 2012-10-31 at 20:19

c'est ça Nedddddddddddd! OKELIDOKELI!

#8 by Mistouflon on 2012-11-01 at 09:13

ça t'a porté chance Ned le fait que j'ai revu ta maman :D. Bien joué vieux fou :)

#9 by v4L1um on 2012-11-02 at 09:04

NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED!!! Yeah baby u did it! gogo rock them in Paris now

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