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This weekend the official Czech Repulic/Slovakian eSports Championship 2012 (MČR) was held with TMNF being one of the disciplines.

The slovakian ESWC 2nd place finisher from 2011, sk eSuba.tween managed to come out as the victor of the tournament, with cz wX.Waxtr and cz eE Horeni completing the podium.

Also noteworthy is that the winner of last ESWC, sk eSuba.hakkiJunior did not manage to reach the final and finished at 6th place in the end.

Final results (Top 8):

  1. sk eSuba.tween (Intel and NVIDIA products)
  2. cz wX.Waxtr (Intel i5 processor)
  3. cz eE Horeni (AVerMedia capture card)
  4. cz eSuba.Kappa
  5. cz eSuba.kubayz
  6. sk eSuba.hakkiJunior
  7. cz Shock
  8. sk wX.hafik

Photo-gallery from the event  by ADA* Amélie

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#1 by Korre on 2012-10-21 at 15:32

lazy hakki :)

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