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The 10th edition of the Competition Premiership (CPS) is near and planned to happen shortly after STC/NC is over. To make sure of its continuous existence, the TMNF section over at ESL are looking for new and motivated admins. Also Speed admins are welcomed to keep the Speed section alive.

The tasks you get to do as a TMNF admin are mentioned as these:

  • Organising Competition/Speed tournaments, schedules
  • Writing news
  • Maps (defining, getting, testing, choosing)
  • Being in contact with the teams/players
  • Working on support and protest tickets
  • Planning cups, nightcups, being there as an admin and give support
  • Give your own ideas, working and realizing them
  • Making TMNF the best place for players
  • Working in/with the admin-team

These are the things ESL expect if you apply:

  • Proficient language skills (English)
  • Experience with your game
  • Certain knowledge of the rules in the ESL
  • Neutrality and objectivity
  • Sense of responsibility, reliability and flexibility
  • Teamspirit and conflict management
  • Calm conduct

If this sounds interesting to you, submit your application to become a TMNF ESL admin here.

When you write your application, ESL gives these guidelines to follow:

  • Write in proper English
  • Describe your experiences in detail
  • Convincing application, good commitment


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