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18 players have qualified sofar for the upcoming ESL Major Series Winter Season 2012. 6 slots remains to be filled, and they will be so through 2 qualifiers over this weekend. Originally there would just be a 6th and final qualifier, but because 2 players left their slots, ESL decided to split up the remaining 6 slots over 2 qualifiers where 3 from each one qualify.

Below is all information you need for the 2 qualifiers:

Qualification #6: 20th October, Saturday 20:00CEST

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Qualification #7: 21st October, Sunday 16:00CEST

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Both qualifications will use the latest STC9/NC8 maps: STC9/NC8 - Huggs, STC9/NC8 - TiMa, STC9/NC8 - Sinko

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Qualified players so far

  • ca Carl Jr.
  • nl Spam
  • lt B1ts
  • se frostBeule
  • cz Kappa
  • cz Horeni
  • de Massa
  • fi Insane
  • pl nugget
  • fr YoYo
  • no Bergie
  • hu huby
  • fr Kronos
  • de JohN
  • ca Wally
  • gb Sabre
  • ro Royal
  • at Scary

For more information, check out ESL's own news.

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